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Or recently delivered?

You deserve a Doula!

Why hire a Doula?

Before Birth

  • to help inform you about what to expect in pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding before you go into labor

  • to teach coping techniques to you and your partner

  • to build rapport and trust so when the time comes, your doula can best assist you in reaching your birthing goals

During Labor

  • to provide relevant information so you and your partner are able to fully evaluate decisions made during your labor and birth

  • to facilitate coping techniques with you and your support person

  • to provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support

After Birth

  • to provide assistance in establishing breastfeeding if that is a desired goal

  • to help with simple tasks that may be difficult while recovering

  • to support in the transition of adding to the family unit

The Solano Doula Group strives to educate, empower and support birthing families during the childbearing years. The SDG member honors the doula profession and aspires to build confidence in a complete and cooperative birth experience. We exemplify doula sisterhood by showing integrity and camaraderie within the doula community, promising to further professionalism and quality doula care in our area and beyond.

Our Mission:


Check out our Events page to find out more information about our Meet the Doulas and other community events. 


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